The Start Of An Online Boutique

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Its crazy to think that its almost been a whole year since our online boutique "The Country Wagon LLC" became a reality! I remember sitting in my husband's family home, heavily pregnant, and trying to think of ways I could work from home with a new born. I pulled out an old notebook and started jotting down anything and everything I could think of!

At the time, I had already been working for a boutique of sorts for a little over four years and I loved it! I loved the customers, I loved the owners, and I especially loved everything that came with it! But I had to leave that job due to complications with my pregnancy. Right after I left my job, my Husband Brendon got into a really bad trucking accident and was unable to work.That left both of us with out a job, with a nearly eight month old daughter and another baby on the way. Lucky for us my husbands family was able to take us in which, gave me plenty of time to think of our future.

As the birth of our second daughter got closer, I started to become more and more desperate for something to help us get back on our feet! Which meant that nearly all of my free time was spent behind a computer screen, researching and taking notes on what my options were. Then it dawned on me! I have always wanted to own my own business and my husband and I had talked many times of starting our own store some day. So why not open our own boutique?

So I took my idea to my husband. Brendon was very supportive but, he was concerned about starting our business with a new born and how much it would all cost. All perfectly reasonable concerns and things I, my self had pondered. I continued my research for a few more months and before I knew it, our newest little lady was born!

Our newest baby girl become my main priority but as the time passed and It got closer to my eight weeks of "maternity leave", I started to put the final pieces of our business together! With the support of our families, Brendon and I were able to turn our dream of owning an online boutique into a reality! As of November 18th, 2019. "The Country Wagon LLC" became an official business! By February of 2020 we had made our first official sale!

This past year has had many ups and downs but, this whole experience has been eye opening and so rewarding! We have learned allot and are continually learning as we go. I won't tell you that we have become experts in the boutique business but I can tell you that we are slowly becoming successful and its all because of our amazing customers and family! We look forward to the up coming months and hopefully we will still be here for years and years to come!

Sylvia Painter, Co-Owner "The Country Wagon LLC"

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